Canadian Whole Snow Crab

Chionoecetes Opilio

Passionate about quality since 1987.

Groupe MDMP's snow crab has been recognized for its exceptional flavour and quality for over 25 years.
Fished in the clean, cold waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Canada, it arrives at Groupe MDMP's facilities aboard RSW (refrigerated sea water) boats.
This means that our snow crab retains all its freshness until processing.

  •   Unparalleled freshness
  •   Wild-caught product
  •   Available cooked or raw
  •   Blast or brine frozen
  •   Several sizes available (3 pieces/9 pieces per 3 kg)
  •   The flavour consumers are looking for
  •   Whole Cooked
  •   Whole raw
  • 3 to 9 pieces per 3 kg
Pack sizes/Master
  • 3 kg
  • 6 kg