Greenland Halibut

Reinhardtius Hippoglossoides

Passionate about quality since 1987.

Groupe MDMP's Greenland halibut stands out in the market for its renowned tender and mildly sweet flesh. With Groupe MDMP's Greeenland halibut, you're guaranteed a fresh and flavourful quality product. Caught in the cold water of the St-Lawrence Gulf, Groupe MDMP's Greenland halibut is fished between 250 and 300 meters underwater using a longline. We make sure to transform the product on the same day to insure its freshness.

  •   Unparalleled freshness
  •   Wild-caught product
  •   Available in fillet or H.O.G
  •   Exceptionnaly rich in omega-3
  •   Have a flesh that is tender and mildly sweet
  •   Season: From April to end of October
  •   Fillet
  •   H.O.G
  •   H & G
  •   4-8oz
  •   8-16oz
  •   400-800gr
  •   800-1000gr
  •   Varies
Pack sizes
  •   10 lbs
  •   18 kg