Rock Crab

Cancer irroratus

Passionate about quality since 1987.

Living in the clean, cold waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Canada, rock crab arrives at Groupe MDMP's facilities the same day it is fished, ensuring exceptional freshness and quality.
Still largely unknown in Asia, rock crab has sweet, tender meat which will delight gourmets.

  •   Wild-caught product
  •   Available as meat, sections or whole
  •   Brine or blast frozen
Map of fishing areas in Quebec
  •   USA
  •   Canada
  •   Gulf of St-Lawrence
  •   North Atlantic Ocean
  •   Whole
  •   Sections
  •   Combo (80% salad/20% leg meat)
Pack Size
  •   10 lbs, / 30 lbs.
  •   30 lbs. (6 X 5 lbs.)